Accounts for Minors



We make available to our clients the new individual account for minors (13 to 17 years old). With the same you can apply for debit and credit cards and does not require the parent or legal representative of the minor to be the account holder *. Teach your loved one the discipline of saving and managing your own account.


  • Facility to transfer from any other account within the bank at any time, allowing the funds to be available immediately using the Debit Card.
  • Access to cash anywhere in the world through Mastercard cash machines.
  • The Credit Card reports to the credit bureau within the United States, allowing the child to start building a credit history without the need for a social security number (an additional US address is required).


Some conditions apply, see the agreement of minors account available from the Virtual Banking under administration.


1 The child must be 13 to 17 years old. 

2 Birth Certificate of the minor. 

3 The custodial parent and / or legal guardian must have an account at FACEBANK, if the parent or guardian does not wish to have an account at FACEBANK (exception memo required). 

4 In case the minor is in the custody of a legal guardian (legal representative, guardian, etc.) who is not the custodial parent, the court order must be filed certifying custody. 

5 In case the custodial parent and / or legal guardian wishes that the minor's account be handled by a third party, he must authorize it in writing by means of a power of attorney provided by the FACEBANK.