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Requirements needed to apply for FaceBank’s Platinum MasterCard
For more information about the excellent benefits of the FaceBank Platinum Credit Card you can downloaded here Platinum Credit Card Benefits


Requisites to apply for FACEBANK’s Credit MasterCard:

1 The Credit MasterCard must be guaranteed by a Time Deposit ad FACEBANK.

2 The Certificate of Deposit minimum amount is $2,500.

3 The credit line will be 85% of the value of the Time Deposit. For example, with a Time Deposits of $25,000, you will have a limit of $21,250 on your Credit Credit.

4 Your monthly minimum payment will be debited between the 4th. and 7th. of every month from your Green Checking Account..

Log in to our Virtual Banking to verify daily transactions, verify your monthly statement (up to 12 months available on-line), and make additional payments. For more information about the excellent benefits of the FACEBANK Credit Card press here: Credit Card Benefits Please log in to our Virtual Banking to verify important details related to the Terms & Conditions for FACEBANK Credit MasterCard. Remember, FACEBANK Credit MasterCard, is the Credit Card you should always have in your wallet. Apply Now!




Except when one of our clients so requests FACEBANK does not make direct calls to their customers, your Account Executive is the only individual authorized to call you. Should you receive a call requesting information or alerting you of a possible problem with the bank, please contact us directly to 1 (754) 300-1376 or call immediately your business facilitator.

Remember to activate your Credit Card.

Remember to call us at 1 (754) 300-1376 Option 8 to activate your Credit Card as soon as your receive it. You may also review your address information at that time, you will need the correct billing address to use your card over the internet.

IMG logo-R2FACEBANK pertenece a la Asociación de Bancos de Puerto Rico, la cual es una entidad sin fines pecuniarios que representa los activos bancarios comerciales de Puerto Rico ante los foros gubernamentales, legislativos y ejecutivo y ante la comunidad social y económica puertorriqueña.


FACEBANK International Corp.
17 Road 2 STE 600
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 00968-1787



From Venezuela: (0212) 710-2100

Fax: 1-787-749-0053

To report a lost or stolen debit card: 787-705-7641

To report a lost or stolen credit card: 787-705-7642




FACEBANK is a member of Presto, providing to you a network of more than 1,113 ATMs in the United States. Presto is a network that belongs to the Publix Supermarket chain. To locate an ATM near you click here.